Disaster Response & Relief

During the 2009 Tungabhadra Floods that left Kurnool devastated, we were at the forefront in PROVIDING RELIEF TO OVER 5 LAKH PEOPLE from the states of Telangana & AP

Always at the forefront during natural calamities and disasters, we have responded to disasters as speedily and effectively as possible by mobilizing resources (people, money, supplies and other assets). We use our extensive network in a synchronized manner to help people prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.


  • To create a Relief Bank comprising of basic necessities that can be conveyed on a moment’s notice
  • To create a corpus fund that could be used in responding to emergencies


  • 54 medical teams mobilised and Rs. 15 Crores worth of medicines, clothes, bed sheets etc. dispensed to affected regions during the devastating floods in Mahbubnagar and Kurnool
  • During the Uttarkhand Floods of 2013, we led from the front to bring 510 Telugu people back
  • 17000 victims of Phailin Storm that affected Guntur were rehabilitated and relieved