Health Camp


We do much more than provide basic healthcare services at our health camps. We double up as a specialist social service organization working with families, people representatives, teachers and communities, protecting the health of the underprivileged, helping them heal. By way of mobile clinics, visits by doctors from reputed hospitals and sponsored treatment, we pursue the best possible healthcare outcomes and endeavor to increase reach and efficacy of fundamental health services.


  • Organized 5,424 health camps and reached out to 12,08,576 needy in the Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
  • We have organised free health checkups and medicine distribution through NTR Uchita Vaidya Sanchara Ratham (NTR Trust’s mobile health vans providing free health checkups and medicines) and reached out to 11,94,746 needy people from 23 districts.
  • We have distributed Rs. 9 Crores worth Medicines to poor people.
  • We have organized free eye checkups in rural areas and provided 13,131 needy people with free spectacles.
  • We organized 69 free eye checkup camps in urban areas and reached out to 10,955 needy people.
  • We collected details of pregnant ladies from 41sub districts and provided health tips, timely notifications for medicines and diet to all of them. We also provided free health checkups and medicines. Of those, 22,689 had normal delivery. The rest 1,513 were provided with all facilities for Caesarean section operations from trust.
  • During Godavari Pushkaralu, Krishna Pushkaralu and at times of Cyclone, we provided necessary first aid and medicines to stop epidemics.
  • We provided free health checkups and needful for about 1200 victims of 2013’s North Indian floods.


  • To organize awareness programs on Seasonal Diseases, Anemia, Chronic Diseases, Diabetes, Kidney Problems, Environment Cleanliness, Healthy and Nutrition food in rural areas.
  • Health promotion through wellness camps, yoga at schools and local institutions.
  • Conducting Health camps through Health App for maintaining transparency.
  • To open 50 Jan Aushadi Generic Drug stores covering both the Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Blood bank

We have saved more than 5 LAKH LIVES through our Blood Banks in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Vizag.

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Health Care

5424 Medical Camps 23 Districts in AP and Telangana 12.1 Lakh people benefited

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NTR Sujala

Our Water Plants cater to the drinking water needs of over 1.8 LAKH PEOPLE every year in Telangana and AP

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