Huawei has been always set an example for CSR activity and has contributed for the development of Society at large. On 5th February 2020, a well equipped fully operational Digital Classroom Boards for poor and orphan Children has been inaugurated by NTR Memorial Trust’s Managing Trustee, Smt. Nara Bhuvaneswari garu.

Shri.K. Rajendra Kumar, IPS(Retd), Chief Executive Officer -NTR Memorial Trust, Shri. Y. Mohanrao, COO- Education-NTR Memorial Trust; Shri. NS Prasad- Director-Education- NTR Memorial Trust, Shri Suresh, Principal, were also present on the occasion.

Smt. Nara Bhuvaneswari garu said that the world of Education is constantly changing and evolving and there is a need to introduce technology based teaching environment that supports 21st century learning.

The Digital Classrooms is developed with the 100% contribution and support from Huawei.
NTR Memorial Trust team thanked Huawei for its support towards the Education of young orphan School Children.

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