We received 108 books from #Pratham Books, Bangalore through Oracle grant for our poor, needy & orphan students of NTR High School, Challapalli, Krishna District.

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#Pratham Books – Library-in-a-Classroom (LIC) is a library on the wall, with richly illustrated children’s books, attractively displayed and provides a print-rich environment for children. LIC is a product that was developed keeping in mind the limitations of schools that are infrastructure and resource-scarce.

These children are from very low-income environments where reading levels are drastically low. Their exposure to books at home is nil, considering the economic priorities are focused on subsistence items. Books are at the end of the buying list. This library, therefore is the sole resource for books.

Want to SUPPORT an orphan child?

Please follow the link below

or Please contact: 040-30145800 / 9100433499 or drop in an email to donations@ntrtrust.org

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