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Empowerment & Livelihoods

NTR Memorial Trust works to economically empower the youth (both men and women) through various Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDPs) & Skill Development Programs (SDPs) with special focus on rural areas, creating opportunities for income generation. Our programs strive to make youth work ready through technical and vocational training, build their life skills involving personal competencies, problem-solving, effective habits, entrepreneurship for long term success in their lives. The goal of this program is to support youth to achieve improved economic, physical and social well-being, and become catalysts for positive change in their families and communities.

NTR Memorial Trust has conducted various EDP programs with the aim of:

  • Promoting micro enterprises in rural and urban areas.
  • Stimulating entrepreneurial spirit among the youth through awareness camps in institutions of higher learning/professional colleges.
  • Economically empowering women of rural underprivileged segments by equipping them with livelihood generating skills.
  • Assisting in self-enterprise start-ups by conducting EDPs and providing extension services.
  • Improving the quality of life among the rural and urban poor.

So far, the Trust has trained more than 10,000 youth in united Andhra Pradesh, in entrepreneurial skills, inventory management and marketing skills, while about another 5,000 youth from 250 villages have been trained in vocational skills. Financial assistance of Rs. 4 crore has been provided to unemployed youth.

The fast changing global and national markets have created a mismatch between existing skills and skills required to avail the market opportunities. This needs corrective action to align skills of young people with the ever expanding and changing markets.

To empower the skills of young aspirants NTR Memorial Trust had established Skill Development Centres in Hyderabad, Vinukonda& TADA.

More than 6700 youngsters were skilled through our Skill Development Centres& Entrepreneurship Development Programs.