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Support To Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is one of the most critical things that everyone should support.
It is when women are given the most power and right to make decisions for themselves Women have been subjected to injustice for decades. They have been treated as non-existent for decades. This is one of the biggest reasons for Women Empowerment.
In that view NTR Memorial Trust always supports and develops Women Empowerment by giving training and overall developing women to become self-sustained to earn handsome earnings.

To date, NTR Memorial Trust has given training to 1000 + women in different types of training like Cookery, Tailoring, and Packaging Etc.

> To empower the women and equip them with tools to become self-reliant through tailoring, fashion designing courses and skill up-gradation to the low-income group of women.
> To provide competencies and skills that enable women to become self-employed/entrepreneurs.
> Training emphasis on income-generating activities

NTR Memorial Trust, Hyderabad is been organizing a vocational skill development training program in fashion designing and tailoring for the empowerment of women through sustainable livelihoods.

The training is focused on providing women with basic tailoring and business development skills. So far, about 330 women through our SDC's have been trained and showed them opportunities for either employment or self-employment.

After completion of the vocational skills course, we assist in the establishment of their own business and job placement services.

Donations to this program will cover the cost of the student's kits like practising clothes, measuring scales, threads, tapes, scissors, needles, etc. and Centre maintenance for one student for a month.

NTR Memorial Trust identifies and selects underprivileged women who are capable of learning and earning. The beneficiaries identified are further screened by economic status, family income and the number of dependents.

The duration for each course varies from 2 months depending on the level of skill being taught at any given point in time. Each batch consists of 15-20 students with one instructor training them.

When you donate to this program, you help women from underprivileged backgrounds access skills that can help them with better livelihood options.

Please join hands with NTR Memorial Trust for helping women to become Entrepreneurs by supporting.