Health Care

The health care program of the NTR Trust runs in three streams at present: Blood banks; Health camps-Mobile clinics, Eye camps; and NTR Sujala (purified drinking water).


with better access to medical attention


with need-based and efficient health care services at the door-step


with expanded outreach both in rural and urban areas

Our focus is on improving health of individuals from the underprivileged sections of the society.
We continue to invest in programs that link health and healthcare, balancing treatment with prevention, collective action and individual responsibility.


  • To launch blood banks in Tier-2 cities such as Warangal, Tirupathi, Kakinada, Karimnagar and widen reach
  • To organise another 1000 Medical Camps in the next 2 years

Health Camps SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

NTR Trust has developed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for conducting Medical camps in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States. It is being tested in a few places of both states. These Medical Camps created a good impact in the awareness of diseases and distribution of free medicines for immediate relief of the poor and needy people.

The salient features of SOP are:

  • It provides reasonable care to the patients at Medical Camps which are organized by a trained coordinator for smooth operation of the camp, experienced doctors, medical students, paramedics to dispense medicines, technicians for testing the urine and blood samples
  • Publicity should be done at least 14 days before the camp
  • No of tokens should not be more than 10 X hours x no of doctors
  • The local leaders inaugurate the camp
  • The camp should start at 11 am and close by 4 pm
  • A unique ID should be obtained from the patient for future identification
  • Standardized referral forms are to be prefilled with location and date of the camp
  • The inventory should contain all the medical equipment
  • Adequate furniture with a tent is essential
  • Patients Data to be captured after the camp is over
  • Inauguration and the process of camp are to be covered by the media with photographs
  • Mapping of diseases will be identified in both states


Blood bank

We have saved more than 4 LAKH LIVES through our Blood Banks in Hyderabad, Guntur, Vizag and Tirupati.

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Health camps

6951 Medical Camps 44 Districts in AP and Telangana 15.8 Lakh people benefited

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Thalassemia Centre

We are supporting more than 100 Thalassemia Children for their Blood transfusion and medicines.

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