Service to Humankind is Service to God.

Smt. Nara Bhuvaneswari garu – Managing Trustee, NTR Memorial Trust, has provided financial assistance of 5 thousand rupees each to172 families at Gangapatnam village of Nellore.

Thousands of people were severely affected due to sudden floods in November 2021 which wreaked havoc in their lives. Many residents are still out of their homes, living with family and friends. Amongst the hundreds of affected villages, Gangapatnam village of Nellore District was one of the worst affected leaving 172 families without shelter. Sh D.Rajiv reddy, Programme Executive, NTR Memorial Trust, under the direction and supervision of Smt Nara Bhuvaneswari garu, Managing Trustee, NTR Memorial Trust, visited the Village and distributed Rs 5,000/- to each of the 172 affected families. Sh Polamreddy Srinivasula Reddy, Ex MLA Kovur, Sh Polamreddy Dinesh Reddy, State Telugu Yuvatha General Secretary, Sh Veerendra Chowdary were also present on the occasion. Elated residents profusely thanked Smt Nara Bhuvaneswari garu, Managing Trustee, NTR Memorial Trust for keeping up her promise.For more details please visit:

By Comments off April 12, 2022