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Successful one-year operations of NTR Sujala Cluster plant in Kuppam

NTR Sujala project in Kuppam is a cluster based model completes its one year of successful operations without a single break on 02 October, 2015. NTR Trust is success in giving safe drinking water to Kuppam people @ Rs. 2 per 20 litres.
Present at Kuppam, we can see a lot of happy faces. The women are very excited with access to any time water by using ATM unlike the earlier time when they had to wait for hours and hours to get 25 litres of water.

NTR Sujala Inauguration on 02 .10.2014

NTR Sujala Kuppam Team

Handover NTR Sujala safe drinking water @ Rs 2 per 2o litres to public

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