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Why India needs Health camps?

The right to health is a fundamental right of every individual in any country. Undoubtedly, good health is the biggest treasure. Any negligence in health care can lead anyone to death. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid everything that damages our health or makes us a victim of diseases. To attract the attention of a huge number of people towards the importance of health, ‘World Health Day’ is celebrated on 7th April every year under the aegis of the World Health Organization.

Free health camps are organized in various parts of the Country for a short period. They are arranged according to the specific health needs of a particular location. Their main aim is to develop long-term health-seeking functions & building awareness for the most common illnesses, methods of family planning, hygiene, nutrition and sanitation.

India is a country that still strives to provide basic health services to the people. Mostly, inadequate health services are seen in rural areas. According to verified reports from government sources, 45 children die each hour because of respiratory diseases; one child dies every 2 minutes due to diarrhoea.

Annual health reports show that two million infants who are under the age of five years die due to diseases that can be prevented. This scenario calls for critical diagnosis, especially in children & women. This can be provided by health camps.

Health camps in India are organized to meet the quick health care needs of the underprivileged communities in rural areas & the citizens residing in slums.

  Health camps in India will offer comprehensive healthcare services. The services offered are therapeutic, diagnostic, preventive, and referral in nature. During that short-term period, when the camp is set, the experts work harder than ever to give the best services to a large number of people in the targeted area.

 Different projects are taken up during camps & they involve different disciplines. They include Gynaecological, Surgical, Paediatric and Ophthalmology services. The duration of most camps vary from one day to 15 days.

 A medical camp is unique and the treatment is done with a comprehensive approach. An approach chosen by any camp will deliver equal importance to healthcare prevention even when treatment is being given.


To reach an optimal level of healthcare in India is a dynamic process and to accomplish this optimal level; individuals, communities and all the institutions have to work together in coordination. There is a need to invest in free health camps. This is the only way a maximum number of Indians could be benefitted.

By Comments off January 1, 2021